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Do the right thing...

I was in a busy general merchandise store at the weekend when a man started shouting at a woman.  He was getting more and more aggressive.  I moved between them to try to calm things down.  At that moment he swing his fist at her which glanced off my shoulder and missed her.  For several minutes I was keeping them apart while at least 50 people looked on.  Eventually, another man fought through the crowd and pulled the man away and we got things back under control.

When I put a team together, I want people who who take the decision to get involved.  I want people who will fight the crowd to help others rather than be bystanders.  I want people who do the right thing instead of thinking of their own safety.

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Reader Comments (2)

It's a great analogy which we see in lots of movies. Things doesn't go like that in day to day life. I have been in situations where a Powerful and top manager trying to beat down poor participant by political and bad credit or by subtle art of don't invite to meetings.

I gues the right thing to do is obvious to everyone, but still no one (or a few people) actually do it.

In a corporate environment, the chances of gettin hit on the head when doing the right thing are much lower though.

Sjaak Laan

June 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSjaak Laan

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