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TOGAF Certification

Last year I received an email from The Open Group...

Your TOGAF 8 Certified status is due to expire ... In order to renew your TOGAF Certified for a further two year period you are required to pay a $300 fee.

So what is the value of renewing?

The only answer that I can find is that for $300 I would have the privelege of having my name listed on the TOGAF website and the opportunity to use the TOGAF logo.  I decided to pass...

By way of comparison, I am a chartered member of the British Computer Society which entitles me to the letters MCBS CITP, the cost is very similar.  The benefits include:

  • Professional Recognition
  • Professional Development
  • BCS Online Library
  • Publications
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Careers Advice Services
  • Software Discounts
  • Member's email forwarding facility
  • Use of Post Nominals & Logo

The Open Group is far less prestigious and in contrast provides very limited value.  I have no objection to paying for membership but the current value proposition is very weak.  I have contributed many ideas informally to TOGAF through colleagues working on TOGAF with no recognition or reward, I now find the Open Group grabbing money when giving little in return.  I think this policy is damaging to TOGAF and will potentially result in TOGAF being discredited which will be a shame.

For the Open Group to warrant such a fee it should open up the Open Group to TOGAF certified professionals to allow them to contribute fully on a formal basis eg everyone who is certified should be an Architecture Forum Member - why not? An Open Group or TOGAF email address would not be too much to ask either.

I passed these views on to the Open Group a while back and was told that they were considering my points.  Nothing has happened... 

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