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SOA - food for thought...

I think a couple of articles are worth a read if you are interested in making SOA a success. It is much harder this way but it might just create something of value...

The first is an article entitled The 7 dirty words of SOA by Jeff Schneiderin which he talks about the difference between "Business SOA" and "IT SOA".

The second by Boris Lublinsky states that Only 1 in 5 SOA Projects Actually Succeed.


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Reader Comments (1)

While working with a client on Web Services APIs I asked about the rationale behind some decisions that involved putting far too much business logic on the WS accelarator. Silence is what I got then in inumerous situations.

I believe SOA implementations aren't being given too much thought. And that's bizarre because once people realize their APIs where misplaces/miscontructed/misaligned... they will want to fix that. And by that time, dozens of front end applications will be using them which will drive costs to the roof.

I think that's just evolution perhaps... but it could be avoided.

August 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGiovanni

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