Shield yourself…
Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 01:40PM
Alan Inglis in leadership

Some time ago, I was walking down a city street when a cyclist crossed a red light and ended up on the ground with a cab almost on top of him.  My first reaction was “serves him right, he shouldn’t have gone through a red light” – other people ran over to help him.

I walked on with a little shame at my reaction thinking “that wasn’t me", I am more sympathetic than that”.  I had been affected by the attitudes and behaviours of my current client who were highly competitive and aggressive.

What is worse is that I know how to avoid this, I was taught how to “shield” myself by these guys at Lightning Path.  They taught me a lot of other good stuff that is extremely useful to me as a consultant too.

Take a look at their site, they are friendly down to earth people, apparently they train the military too.

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