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“Failure is Wonderful”

I just read an article on the Smithsonian National Museum of American History website called “Failure is Wonderful”.  The article talks about a Creativity Round Table, held at Washington's Cosmos Club in late April.

There are several important points were made that is:

Laurie Kahn stated “Much of creativity depends on listening, asking the right questions, and being able to see things differently.”

Greg Mortenson replied "Listen with your heart and trust your intuition, not solely your logic.”

"When people ask you a question or ask how to solve a problem," Mortenson advised, "be hands-off so that they can figure it out using resources and thinking creatively."

Laurie Kahn asked, "How do you sustain creativity?" Mortenson's  experience taught him you need to "take care of yourself" and "be in touch with yourself".

"Don't just think outside of the box," Mortenson added, "live outside of the box. Take risks. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is wonderful."


Think More Creatively ~ Innovate More Profitably

I was thinking about writing a blog on creativity, I did a little research and discovered www.jpb.com which is the site of the Jeffrey and Panida Baumgartner (JPB) group of companies.  The site contains some interesting and useful articles on creativity and innovation.  The site says the things that I was about to say much better than I can, it also says a lot more and is more credible.  The link is in the management section of this site.